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Student-athlete recruiting

  • Meet with Student-Athlete and Family to design a tailored and targeted recruitment strategy.

  • Build a team including; Personal Head Coach, Talent Evaluators, Recruiting Coordinator, Trainer, amongst others.

  • Evaluate the client's athletic ability to determine the appropriate level (Division I, II, III).

  • Construct a cohesive list of potential institutions for the athlete and family.

We got your back


Elite Sports Training

Our team will develop your skill set to ensure you are in top-tier shape. Training will be centered around your sport and position. With proper instruction, training, and support, we will assist you with unlocking new levels of success.

Train like a pro.

Elite Spots Training
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Financial Aid Support

Financial Aid support to assist families to maximize financial aid, select loans and manage a very stressful process. 
Our firm offers a range of Financial Aid college planning services that includes; college selection advice, finding scholarship money and maximizing financial aid eligibility
Given the complex college funding landscape; College Sports Services  helps families navigate the college Financial Aid process.  Our professional team will navigate the FAFSA forms, figuring out which assets to put toward tuition, and weighing the pros and cons of different types of loans.

We got your back.

Financial Aid Support
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